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“’’ Welcome to to this unique part of our planet ””
Your gate to the Orangutan and Tanjung Putting National park eco-system
Your passage from the south china sea and Java sea tracing the outline of Kalimantan ‘s south west corner  and south east corner with low lying marshes and driftwood islets then held together with displaced vegetation till approaching The head land of Tanjung Putting cape and wide open bay of Teluk Kumai (Kumai bay) in the district of  West Kotawaringin regency. Central Kalimantan on Borneo Island part of Indonesia, Heading up to the west to the entrance of Kumai river In the border of Tanjung Putting National park Central Kalimantan your best anchorage and stopping on your route to Karimun islands, Java, Bawean island,Kangean, Bali Etc and to Serutu,Batam, Bintan Island etc.

Kumai is a small port town with the main street parallel and the river viewing with wooden houses, bare concrete buildings provide for the swallow or eatable swifts nests ,also the bugis, Madurese schooners sit tethering to the dock  along the river.  

Sailing Instruction to Kumai river.

Most yacht visit Kumai in July to November  en-route to  Batam (Nongsa Point ) then to Singapore from Bali or any  other Island.  Planning your approach to be on a rising tide. The river channel is used by large commercial craft, passengers ship so there is no real problem in entering.

The following waypoints and details re taken from S/Y. ELENORA These re a compendium of notes from cruising yachts up to 1997. Although our chart did not show it , there is a ship channel that goes up the Kumai River and quite a lot of large ships use it. Go to 03’10.0 S, 111’37.00E. then goto 02’58.3 S. 111’40.46 E which will be in about 15 feet of water. There should be a wreck 100 meters to starboard and a green buoy up ahead which you keep to starboard. Also at around 25*mag . on the land , you may be able to see the first leads. When they come into sight, follow them until you turn for the red square on the pole which you keep to port.  Stay 200meters off the shore on your port until you go around T-Keluang point where you can pick up the front range on the far shore. Follow that range until you line up the back range in Keluang Bay. Follow  the back range until you can’t see it anymore and then go to : 02’51.38 S, 111’43.29 E where you can just start to see a front range at about 35  mag. After leaving this last range marker , sail up the middle of the river to Kumai In Kumai anchor off the speed boat dock at around : 02.44.22 S, 111’43.88 E, in about 35-40’ clay which seemed to be good holding  Or you can anchor at 02 44.53 S, 111 43.95, which is on the unpopulated side of the river in 9m of mud. Harry’s base is directly across the river from here.

In the certain years around Kalimantan including Kumai river is too hazy caused by agriculture activities and forest fire ( worst forest fire 1997), the visibility is bed and even you cant see the banks the following way point can be used : 02’54.250  111’42.500 -- 02,53.500  111’42.100 -- 02’52.000 111.43.100 –02’49.900  111’43.500.

You can follow this “Blue Water” notes for Kumai river direction

Cruising Kalimantan The Sungei Kumai on the S coast of Kalimantan, 172M WNW of Banjarmasin and 184M NNW of Bawean is good for exploration. The entrance to Sungei Kumai in Telok Kumai is reportedly best accessed from 03°10'S, 111°37'E, at which point you'll be roughly midway between the beacons marking Gosong Sangora (4·5M SE of you, Fl.G.5s11M) and Gosong Berasbesah (5M NW of you, Fl.5s10M). Steer about 005°T to 02° 58'·30'S, 111° 40'·46E (watch out for the rock at 03° 06'·115S 111° 37'·16E) in about 5m with a starboard-hand buoy ahead. On a bearing of about 005°T the first lead to the channel, which favours the Tg Kluang shore should be visible. Follow the leads past the stbd-hand buoy to a port-hand beacon marked by a red square topmark. Keep 200m from the port (west) shore to round Tg Kluang (in theory Fl.5s10M), which should bring the next leading marks into view. Keep these in line until you can spot a leading line astern and by regularly looking behind you keep on that line until you lose it.Then keep trucking until in about 02°51'·38S, 111°43'·29E when another set of leading marks should appear on about 350°T. Once well into the river follow the middle until you are off Kumai town in about 02°44'·22S, 111°43'·88E. Anchor in 11–12m, good holding in mud.

Another Advice Safe entry to Kumai River

The following waypoints (WGS84) are suggested for a safe entry to Kumai (takes 4 m draft at LW): 03°34  S, 111°35   E Approach from sea in 6 - 12 meters of water: 03°08.40 S, 111°37.70 E; watch out for rock to port 02°58.00 S, 111°40.43 E; Near green SB marker 4.5 m depth 02°56.96 S,111°41.45 E; 10 m depth 200 m from land 02°54.21 S, 111°42.61 E; 200 m NNE beach, turn to port 02°53.50 S, 111°42.10 E turn SB, align Leading Markers in NNE 02°51.32 S, 111°43.45 E (missing as of Aug 2006); Leave line, follow river bend 02°49.25 S, 111°43.11 E Follow mid river from here.

 Anchor here in 10 meters, good holding: 02°44.45 S, 111°43.98 E.  (Note: Herry is pronounced ‘Harry’ in English).  Herry office on the main Kumai sreet just cross side of your anchore site and next to Kumai port Terminal, there re jetty for your jetty and easy excess to Market,restaurant,store,pharmachy etc. Check his sign Harry yacht service or Orangutan greentours sign.

The above way point based on  information made by some yachts visit here, any error caused by this information not become our responsibility,If you have special need or requirement please talk to me and we re pleasant to assist you and being serving you.


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